There are well over 100,000 agents, salespeople, and support staff working in Australia's Real Estate Industry.

Looking today at the function and duty of what being an agent has morphed into, it's not surprising that the public has begun questioning the value Agents provide, especially since all aspects of what an agent does can be done by a seller or buyer directly without using an agent. Unless we change the way we do business, our industry will be replaced by the very portals and services we collectively built. 

PRO-REALTOR is the solution to all our industry problems and will secure the industry's future once and for all. Here is how we intend to save it, and we need every one of you onboard, regardless of who you work for.

Collectively we can offer the most powerful property marketing network ever seen at any expense. 

Pro-Realtor is about harnessing this power, making the industry more professional than currently, and creating a collective sales and marketing force with no rival. 

Over 100,000 professional agents in the marketplace meet buyers and sellers daily and specifically learn what clients are looking for or want to achieve with the sale or purchase of a property. 

As a PRO-REALTOR, you'll have access to a property portal that the public cannot access, where you can view detailed property information of every other PRO-REALTOR to match the perfect property or buyer.

This collaborative network of agents has a more powerful marketing capability than any advertising medium in existence, and it cant be replicated by any other means. 

Pro-Realtor is about facilitating this network, joining all together to take back the industry's control and put an end to the many companies exploiting and controlling the industry we collectively created. It's our industry, and we are collectively taking control.

PRO-REALTOR is a technology-rich property platform exclusively for the Real Estate Industry; and has been designed to professionalise the Real Estate Industry globally. PRO-REALTOR will increase productivity by facilitating the need to use a professional when buying or selling real estate and promoting agents working together, regardless of what agency the agent represents.

PRO-REALTOR will revolutionise the way agents and agencies transact; by promoting an approach similar to methods used in most countries worldwide.

Agents working together will become the new normal in Australia, and PRO-REALTOR will facilitate this much-needed change. In the process, real estate agents and agencies will take back control of the industry they created.

PRO-REALTOR has been developed over the last four years by experienced agents, who have watched the overall reputation and incomes of the Real Estate Industry diminishing and the value of using an agent in Australia disappearing.

PRO-REALTOR will reverse this downward trend; by giving agents and agencies tools exclusive to the Industry, to ensure agents can offer a superior unmatchable service. PRO-REALTOR will re-establish the value of using a professional agent to sell property, and now also when looking to buy property.

PRO-REALTOR membership is a low monthly subscription. This monthly fee will give individual agents full access to every feature the site offers.

PRO-REALTOR members will also have full access to RealtyAds, which is the groundbreaking public portal. Here you can also publish property listings directly to the public. On RealtyAds, every ad you place is a premium listing, and every ad is complimentary, being one of many features of your PRO-REALTOR membership.


Why do we need PRO-REALTOR?

So agents can once again be identified as professionals and because our industry future is under attack by multiple opportunistic companies.

These companies feed on the Real Estate Industry, making more money than the agents and agencies doing the work.

Our current real estate practice's competitive nature, combined with our outright reluctance to work together, has made real estate an easy target for these parasitic companies.

These companies are damaging our reputation, the latest, by creating fear and doubt about agents,  simply as a means to generate leads to sell back to agents or take a share of an agent's commission.

We need to stop supporting all these companies. Otherwise, the industry is on a clear path to extinction.

Unfortunately, many from the Real Estate Industry support them and are oblivious to the damage these businesses cause to the industry. Many agents desperately look for anything that will give them an edge over other agents without realising that they are actually being exploited. They are easy targets for these companies. 

Agents and agencies need to act now and stop this damage. The last thing these companies want is to have Agents working together. They make money by pushing agents to self promote to stand out from each other.  Promoting yourself as being better than other agents is not the way to secure business. It's the way they secure business, and they are using your ego to convince you.

Most of the support services the industry uses are guilty of exploitation, from the so-called industry trainers to the advertising portals. They all make money by convincing you to build your profile and promote yourself as superior to other agents.  

We can all work together, and together, we can guarantee to find the best buyer in any market, using other agent's promoting power and the feedback they provide. 

PRO-REALTOR brings all agents and agencies together with a common goal, to secure our future while increasing our earning potential and lowering costs.

Join PRO-REALTOR today, and take control of your future.