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  • Offer marketing that's superior to any website.

  • Charge over 4% commission with total confidence.

  • Use premium size ads at zero cost.

  • See the contact details of everyone watching your listings.

  • Know in advance who's coming to open homes.

  • Use an agent-only portal for off-market listings.

  • Zero cost CRM links directly to your listings.

  • Send conjunction requests and get an instant reply.

  • Never lose another listing.

  • Never again sell vendor advertising.

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Show a clear advantage to justify your role as a professional.

Guarantee vendors, you'll find the best buyer in any market.

Secure every listing opportunity using exclusive tools.

Gain the ultimate marketing power of an agent network..

Boost your income stream like never seen before.

The Pro Realtor Institute of Australia has been set up to support the Real Estate Industry. For a limited time, we're offering free membership to astute agents. Join Pro Realtor Today.


The Pro-Realtor Institute was developed to save the degrading reputation of the Real Estate Industry in Australia by setting a new Professional Standard and a Higher Credential for Agents.

Whether you're in Property Management or Sales, every benefit of membership is included in a single subscription with no additional upgrade charges.

Properties enter the Pro-Realtor network using a unique process to ensure an advanced level of detail is collected on every property. The Media options available include high-definition photos (with photo-text), stunning 360-degree photos, Video, VR tours and more.  Since Pro-Realtor's sole focus is on providing the ultimate sales tools for agents, many features are unique and unlike anything, Agents have used before.

Every Pro-Realtor now has access to your detailed listings and will consider and promote your properties to every buyer they meet. Conjunction requests can be made in seconds and accepted or rejected instantly. If accepted, legal documentation is automatically generated and emailed to both agents. Conjunctions are managed via a private dashboard, and property feedback left by fellow agents is invaluable for preparing vendor reports.

As a Pro-Realtor, you’ll have two "marketing options" for every property you list:

  • An Off-market listing - promoted via other agents only using the Pro-Realtor network.

  • An On-market listing - promoted via RealtyAds (our complimentary new public portal).

RealtyAds is not just another property website. It is a state-of-the-art sales tool.


RealtyAds is the most advanced Property Website in the World - Created to give agents exclusive, powerful marketing tools that provide more than primitive statistics on how many people have viewed their ads. For buyers, RealtyAds provides a more useable interface and detailed property information that is superior to anything they have seen before.

Agents don't need to sell RealtyAds advertising as unlimited free ads are included in your PRO-REALTOR subscription. In addition, all listings are an identical premium size. 

RealtyAds was created from the ground up using extensive research to ensure the best user experience and ensure agents have the tools to showcase a properties features and benefits professionally. No distracting advertising is one of the first things you'll notice. Also, we removed all counterproductive property data that agents voted as detrimental to promoting properties.

Realestate.com.au and Domain websites dominate Australia's property market, but this is due to the properties agents provide. Without agent's listings to attract an audience, these websites wouldn't exist. On a designated date, Pro Realtor members will remove their listings from all websites except Pro-Realtor and RealtyAds. Mainstream advertising will commence directing buyers to RealtyAds, and the buyers will follow.

With Pro-Realtor, Vendor paid advertising and the exploitation of agents as unpaid media salespeople will be a thing of the past. Agents will have collectively taken control.

Sample AD


Creating a Professional Sales Network is the only way the Real Estate Industry will survive. Agents must advance their service beyond posting advertising on property websites and running open homes to locate the best buyer.

Emerging businesses have identified the industry and agent's shortfalls and have started teaching property owners how to sell their property without an agent. The result is successful private sales are increasing at an alarming rate.

It's ignorant to think this won't threaten an agent's future. The level of detail an agent currently produces on a property (as a specialist) is embarrassing, considering the fees charged. Agents should be property experts, not booking agents that coordinate photos and ad placements. This is why commissions are dropping to 1%. Some agents are happy to do what other agents do for a quarter of the price.

Without change, this discounting will continue to increase, as will the selling, without using an agent.

This shortfall is affecting the whole industry. It's no surprise that the public believes they can do everything an agent does to sell a property, especially when they now have access to the same tools an agent uses. Pro-Realtor will change this and lift an agents service to an EXPERT level. Buyers and sellers will again perceive agents as experts.

As a Pro-Realtor, you will have exclusive tools the public and discount agencies cannot access. Pro-Realtor will ensure members deliver a more professional service to secure an agents role and the industry's future. 

Using this ground-breaking technology, Agents will rebuild their Professional Reputation and simultaneously bring an end to the many parasite companies currently feeding off the industry.

Selling Agent


Real estate salespeople can earn high incomes but work more than most people believe and harder than many agents admit. The key to unlocking financial rewards is working as a diligent sales professional, not a celebrity as being taught.

Agents loyalty and support made property portals the #1 choice for buyers. While the real estate industry and property buyers have benefited from technology, so have the billion-dollar corporations who always require agents to sell more expensive advertising. So how do they achieve this?

Real Estate trainers hired by these media corporations encouraged agents to promote themselves in a celebrity-like manner. The result is that agents are up-selling client advertising to build their profile, and the corporations are cashing in big time.

This deception generates a massive amount of money, giving these corporations the power to influence and steer the industry while slowly taking control of every aspect of an agent's role.

If the real estate industry allows this to continue, it won't be long before the role of an agent is extinct. Already, websites and algorithms are replacing property appraisals and other agent duties. Every aspect of a real estate agents role is under threat.

Nigel Dalton from "Realestate.com.au" predicted the rapid development in robotics meant that "ROBOTS COULD REPLACE AGENTS IN THE FUTURE". It's up to every agent to stop this from becoming a reality.

The industry's strength is the collective power of agents. Agents must join together now to stop these corporations. Collectively agents power is unstoppable. Every agency MUST recognise we have limited time to take back the control.

Listing Agents


Do you like to list properties for sale? Or do you prefer to work with buyers? As a Pro-Realtor, you can now choose; or work with both buyers and sellers and maximise your income potential?

As a Pro-Realtor, you'll now have access to other member's property listings and the detailed information they've collected (regardless of what agency they represent). As a result, you'll be able to confidently promote these properties, having as much information as if it were your own listing. 

Having property's to suit every buyer gives agents incredible worth, and the overall industry will reap the rewards this value brings. For example, you can now advise buyers of both on-market and off-market properties they cannot access without you. In addition, you can instantly produce a personalised brochure (on other agents properties) showing only your contact details (to ensure interested buyers come back to you).

You'll be able to make money from every buyer you meet, knowing in advance what share of the sales commission you'll earn when successfully matching a buyer to their perfect property. 

As a PRO-REALTOR, you're a genuine real estate professional, now able to help everyone you meet, whether they want to buy, sell or rent a property. 

This advancement is crucial to the industry's survival.  Agents are a network of sales professionals that collectively have more marketing power than any advertising medium. Pro-Realtor will ensure agents harness this power.

PRO-REALTOR and RealtyAds - functioning in unison to save an agents role and the Real Estate Industry in Australia. 


  • Web portals are only famous because of the property content that we (as agents) provide.

  • When we collectively remove "ALL" listings from other portals, they will lose "OUR" audience.

  • By removing all listings from every other portal, buyers will follow us to "REALTY ADS."

  • No longer will corporations profit from turning agents against each other.

  • Other portals that failed to succeed had nothing unique or special to offer. But we do.


How to join?

1Agents Details

Registration is comprehensive. You must have a "CURRENT" Real Estate Agent license to join. Enter your name, address and licence details, and follow the verification instructions. Then, choose a monthly or annual subscription.

Once logged in, proceed to your private dashboard, select "Profile", and complete your profile. Add a photo and any reviews or specific information you'd like to share with other agents and the public.

Use the code "AU1" for free access to Pro Realtor and RealtyAds.

2Agency Details

Add details of the current agency you represent, including the company licence number and company tax details. Once registered, you can then login and add your company logo to complete the agency part of the registration.

Double-check all information to ensure accuracy because it is used in the legal documentation that the system automatically generates when making a sale or forming all conjunctions.

Use the code "AU1" for free access to Pro Realtor and RealtyAds.


Pro-Realtor, the most advanced real estate portal in the World.

Before this, if a buyer didn't like my property, they would discard me and go back to the portals to hunt. Now all buyers wants my help because I have unique stock to show them.

Australia Agent

Now, when a buyer or seller understands what I can do over other agents, they see me as a true professional. I love love love it. Now everyone I meet in business is money to me.

Australia Agent

Goodbye discount agencies, when a vendor understands the tools I have to find the best buyer, you cannot compete by discounting fees - Finally we don't all use the same tools!

Australia Agent

Its no longer about who charges the lowest fee, in fact an agent with a higher fee can offer more to vendors, having more money to entice every agent to bring buyers.

Australia Agent

The feedback other agents leave on my listings is priceless with vendors. Now if property's not selling, its not only my fault, and it clearly cant be every agents fault.

Australia Agent

There's now no point an agent telling my vendor they have buyers in a bid to steal my listing. If they have a buyer, they can them and share the commission.

Australia Agent

It is great to be able to see what percent of the commission the listing agent is prepared to share with another agent with a buyer. Its Fantastic knowing in advance.

Australia Agent

Now I can send a conjunction request and get an instant reply. If its accepted an agreement is generated in seconds. If its rejected, I also get to know the reason why.

Australia Agent

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